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Thu 21 Jul, 2016:
Lawes: Complete music for solo lyra viol

The lyra viol is a complicated beast, boasting a set of wire sympathetic strings running underneath the fretboard that vibrate when the gut strings...

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Wed 20 Jul, 2016:
Hughes: I Am The Song

Boasting fine contributions by the BBC Singers, this rich survey of Bernard Hughes’s choral music provides a decidedly moreish introduction to the...

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Tue 19 Jul, 2016:
Chorus vel Organa: Music from the Lost Palace of Westminster

The 'lost' palace under consideration here is the collegiate chapel of St Stephen, founded in 1348 on the site of the modern Houses of Parliament. The...

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Mon 18 Jul, 2016:
Monteverdi: Il pianto della Madonna

An unusual twist on Monteverdi, this is a collection of contrafacta, setting his madrigals to Latin texts for liturgical use. As well as Psalms and...

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